Sunday, 3 July 2011

Agehoes make a comeback yo!

So as I said in my last post the Agehoes, me Chriss and Emmie had another skank day the other day. This basically involves us dressing skanky and bumming around the West End. As always we derped around troc but there was some b-boying event so we couldn't occupy the corner in our true skanky fashion.

Also at troc we ended up meeting Unni so this ended up being the Agehoes + Unni. It was fun seeing her again to hang out before we left. Especially 'cos it meant we could share our love of being trashy with someone else.

After troc we did a lot of random wandering around. We went to soho but the awesome cupcake shop from before was closed ;_; Emmie and Chriss bought bubble tea while I went to get a mango smothie. We were then joined by Chriss' bf who pretended he didn't know us once we got to China town. Yep...that's how embarrassing we are to be around. My man friend turned up in China Town but he left retty quickly too. Clearly the Agehoes are too much for mere men.

Chriss' bf made a comment that Chriss and Emmie looked like urban foxes with their tails on. Don't they just. CUTIES! Emmie's being dead, a common trait of the urban fox. I think Chriss is being rabid....? Or has mange? What else do Urban foxes do?

No skank day outfit would be complete without some skanky footwear. From left to right we have Chriss' spankly wedges, Emmie's much loved awesome shoe boots and my Barbie heels. I don't think I wear them enough. Because last time we forgot a lot of what happened on our skank day I thought of writing it down but in the end I couldn't be bothered. Basically we got heckled by randomers. But tbh it was a hot day so there were a lot of other skanky looking people about. I saw one lady's nipples. Ageho material right there guys! 笑

I sometimes wonder for a girl not in a gyaru-sa why so many of my friendship groups have names; b.gumi, agehoes, LEAP....

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