Monday, 4 July 2011

Review: Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Not too long ago I ordered these circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. I really wanted to try the Bambi lenses that a lot of gals are really into right now and I also wanted to try out Pinky Paradise as a service. I need prescription lenses so it's nice to find somewhere that has them in stock without having to wait for them to be ordered from the manufacturers themselves.

They arrived really well packaged and there were no problems. The other packages are the lenses I also ordered for my friends.

The lenses came with a free animal lens case each. Aren't they super cute!!! And I got free gifts too; a velcro strip to keep my fringe out of the way while I put my lenses in, and two pack of little masks to help get rid of dark circles (I really need those lol) I might review the dark circle removers too. Now, on to the actual lenses.

As you can see in this picture of my disgusting make-up-less face the Princess Mimi's give great enlargement. As to be expected of 15mm I guess. I love the colour and they work pretty well on dark eyes. My mum said they were 'startling'.....I think that's a compliment?

These lenses aren't exactly what I'd call natural what with the size but the three tones stop you from looking too freaky or anything. If you're after enlargement without looking like an alien I'd recommend these and they go well with a heavy eye make. ^^


  • Enlargement: Super Huge for those that like that ^^
  • Comfort:
    I'm used to dailies which are much thinner so I can feel the weight of these more but they okay once you're used to it
  • Colour/Design
    The three tonal design make them look more natural and the dark ring looks good. I wonder if these work better for dark eyes than lighter eyes though.

Also, if you would like a pair of Mimi's for yourself...or 3 little forest girl is having a give away where you could win 3 pairs of lenses. Super nice of her so take part!

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