Sunday, 26 June 2011


Unni arrived in London on the 17th. I was supposed to meet her and Ananya in Camden and then chill for the afternoon. After a little phone confusion though I ended up holing up at GAME to avoid the torrential rain while I waited for those two. I was a bit worried I'd lost them and I couldn't get through to Anz but we met in the end and we had epic 3/4 b.gumi reunion in the street lol.

I had a gift when Unz arrived (yaaay!). She got me these cute socks above which are from Monki. Unni brought me some of my favourite chocolate Marabou which is from Sweden too. I usually get like the little rolls of it from IKEA when I can but Unni brought me 3 big bars with cool flavours I hadn't had before. I would have taken a photo of them too but..yeah it didn't last that long. 笑

My outfits on the 17th and 18th
The next day Unz, Anz, Emz, Amz, Yin, Kei, Chriss and me went to karaoke before heading back to mine to get ready for Kpop night. It was fun hanging out with everyone but kpop night ended up not being very good. I wasn't expecting much since I'd stopped going a few months ago because it was getting worse but this one was just silly. They barely played any kpop at all! But I was with my girls so it was fun despite all that. 笑

The next day after a lie in me, Unz, Anz and Marie all went out just for a wonder. I turned up late because I had to sort out the flat a little before my brother came over that evening and I had to do my hair and make-up and everything. It was fun just doing the kinda thing we used to, like doing to troc and china town with Unni again. B.gumi love!

Getting bubble tea. I really liked my make-up but forgot to photo it

BTW the agehoes are meeting u for another skank day tomorrow. Fun Timezzzzz

Friday, 17 June 2011

Shopping and Pilates

Yesterday my man friend had the day off work so we decided to hang out. I was really bad at thinking of something for us to do even though London is packed with interesting places (maybe because I've just been really excited thinking of things for b-gumi to do as a group when Unni gets here). However, once he found out I hadn't been to Westfield yet so we decided to go there. This was kinda useful for me too since there were some things I needed to grab. One of them was a bra so I have to leave that since apparently bra shopping makes man friend feel like a pervert even if he's with a girl *eyeroll* So I managed to pick up some basic light blue jeans on sale at uniqlo to replace my other jeans I broke the zipper of while I was drunk >.<

My nails atm. I like the effect with mostly clear polish

Apart from such sensible purchases I also baught the kicks I've been dying over since I fist saw them window shopping around Camden. I'm really into high tops at the moment anyway and these were just so adorable I knew I had to have them. The wait til after exams was awful but now I have them I'm super happy. AND I got student discount. ^^ Boy bought some kicks too but they were far less low tops lol

Westfields is similar to places like Bluewater in that it has loads of laces to eat and a big cinema too. So, since man friend is obsessed with going to the cinema, we went to see Honey 2 (since it was the only thing starting at the time). Now usually I don't expect amazing acting from dance films because...well the main roles are played by dancers.However in this film the acting is bad AND the dancing is kinda basic. So glad I went on a Wednesday. There were girls on the row were really into it and kept making comments about the hot guys which was far more entertaining than the film imo. It was an alright way to kill time though I guess.

One thing about watching dance films though is that they always make me feel fat and gross and boring. It doesn't help that I'm kinda bloated atm but since I've not been dancing myself for so long at this point I am getting chubby. I have decided that I'm going to lose the weight I've been planning to to get back to my old figure (or a bit nicer *fingers crossed*) by the time I go to Japan. Now every now and then I do Cassey Ho's blogilates videos. She's really cute and I really recommend her to everyone. On her website I saw a link to an online food, exercise diary thing so I hope it'll help me keep organised and lose the weight I want to ^^.

Caught the study bug

My exams and my revision for them was pretty hardcore (once I actually started doing it >.<). I wasn't that surprised to be perfectly honest though considering how hard they kept us working all throughout the year (well at least the Japanese department did). However, now I've finished exams and don't have any classes I have literally no idea what to do with my time. Me, queen or procrastination, is feeling guilty any time I'm not actually studying. But studying for what? A test I have to take in September?

So basically no every time I sit down to crash in front of, oh I don't know the whole of Green Wing, Jersey Shore, Adventure Time, Black Books, The Fresh Prince or any film I've cared to crack out, the first think I grab (and I've noticed some of my flatmates doing it too) is my flashcards usually.

I would however recommend making flash cards to any other Japanese student. Especially anyone at mine because trying to remember 1000 kanji and all there readings for a stupidly difficult exam takes constant drilling and they really useful for that. And you can get friends involved which makes you feel like less of a revision hermit. Another thing I did was condense all the grammar points from the two textbooks we used this year into a flip book so I could go through it quickly every now and then. Especially useful since one of my textbooks is all in Japanese and a bit of a chore to revise from. (You might notice it's a bit crumpled. I may or may not have gotten a little bit over stressed while revising and may or may not have taken that out on a few sheets of paper)

The only thing that seems to actually stop me from even thinking about studying during my summer break is actually going out and doing things. So far I went to the beach with some friends (and spent most of the day indoors due to some typical British weather ;_;), did that photo shoot thing yesterday, went to the cinema like a billion times (X-men is awesome!) and drunk? I can't really remember lol.

I hope I'm cured of my compulsive studying disorder before the awesome Unni arrives. B-gumi have lots of stuff planned so I'll blog a lot about that

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Blog

I finally deleted ラブラブROAR!!!

It took me ages to finally get around to it because of exams and so on but I had it in mind for ages.

The old blog was too buggy and had no focus either way.

I'm not that much up for personal blogging but I do think having your own blog is useful so I made Glitter Gakusei.

Hopefully from the name you can see I'm more focussed on my University life and being a student these days.

But don't worry there's always room for glitter!

Mostly I'm going to be active on my translation blog though now that I have the time.

Personally, I'll probably blog more on my Japanese blog, mixi or twitter.

Ellie xx
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