Friday, 17 June 2011

Caught the study bug

My exams and my revision for them was pretty hardcore (once I actually started doing it >.<). I wasn't that surprised to be perfectly honest though considering how hard they kept us working all throughout the year (well at least the Japanese department did). However, now I've finished exams and don't have any classes I have literally no idea what to do with my time. Me, queen or procrastination, is feeling guilty any time I'm not actually studying. But studying for what? A test I have to take in September?

So basically no every time I sit down to crash in front of, oh I don't know the whole of Green Wing, Jersey Shore, Adventure Time, Black Books, The Fresh Prince or any film I've cared to crack out, the first think I grab (and I've noticed some of my flatmates doing it too) is my flashcards usually.

I would however recommend making flash cards to any other Japanese student. Especially anyone at mine because trying to remember 1000 kanji and all there readings for a stupidly difficult exam takes constant drilling and they really useful for that. And you can get friends involved which makes you feel like less of a revision hermit. Another thing I did was condense all the grammar points from the two textbooks we used this year into a flip book so I could go through it quickly every now and then. Especially useful since one of my textbooks is all in Japanese and a bit of a chore to revise from. (You might notice it's a bit crumpled. I may or may not have gotten a little bit over stressed while revising and may or may not have taken that out on a few sheets of paper)

The only thing that seems to actually stop me from even thinking about studying during my summer break is actually going out and doing things. So far I went to the beach with some friends (and spent most of the day indoors due to some typical British weather ;_;), did that photo shoot thing yesterday, went to the cinema like a billion times (X-men is awesome!) and drunk? I can't really remember lol.

I hope I'm cured of my compulsive studying disorder before the awesome Unni arrives. B-gumi have lots of stuff planned so I'll blog a lot about that

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