Saturday, 23 April 2011

Revising and...distractions

Okay really soon I have my dreaded 2nd Year exams. That means I've been studying every day. However the flaw in my studiousness is...THE SUN. It's been really nice outside lately so I've been fixing my winter paelness and tanning on my balcony. Of course with some revision in front of me. lol

However, my inability to resist the call of the sun makes me sleepy. I do like half to work in the sun (and get twice the tan...but that's not the point I guess). To fight my laziness I invited some friends round to revise with me. We studied so hard I didn't even take pics of us together >.< But it's the same people who came over on V-Day. I did however photo the sustenance they brought:

So cute! So yeah, yesterday I got a lot of work done. In fact it carried on to this morning and I was really good then too. But then I got caught up with the usual distractions, Entourage, Jersey Shore and my own appearance:

I really like these lashes but the just don't photograph well. It's one of the few times I'm actually wearing lower lashes too but it still seems a bit tame. Oh well, I was only playing around and it looked a lot better in person. I might place the upper lashes higher next time for a more POP effect.

I also did my nails 'cos I was just that bored. I wanted to play with using the crackle effect paint on only a section of my nails so it's just on my tips here but I now actually don't think it looks as good as when it's on the full nail. Oh well, lesson learnt.

Lol my Black nail paint is so old it's in the original BarryM bottles. I have a bright pink that old too >.< I swear it stays smooth forever. It's just running out now though.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I announce the arrival of AGEHOES!!!! Lol

Emmie, Chriss and me were talking to each other about how we hated the surplus of florals spring always causes and how we missed the good old skanky days of gal so we decided to have a SKANK DAY!

This basically involved us all dressing as skanky as we could (I didn't quite go for it since I've been dying for the past week....of a cough apparently) and wondering around central London like tramps.

After meeting Emmie and Chriss outside of Emmie our first stop was McDonald's (cos where is skankier?) which we went to Troc to eat. While Chriss took forever and a day to eat a McFlurry and we found out we'd scored some free donuts somebody chucked a 20p at me! Score for trashy dressing lol.

Then we couldn't have a day out such as this without taking some puri kura! We had a long chat about how epic tall and gorgeous Chriss is too. She's like a model. A model with Emiru's hair. Could it be more awesome?

We messed around on the dance machines and so on for a bit and then went to Soho to be with our skanky brethren. After going to Trashy Lingerie (actual shop name ftw) and stuff we ended up at Cox, Cookies and Cakes. This is now my favourite place for cake EVAR. Aside from the amazing name the staff are cool and the cupcakes are yummy (and dirty)too!

Emmie and Chriss got matching skull and crossbones cupcakes. They looked super yummy but I couldn't have one because I'm not eating any chocolate during lent (I'm dying over here!!!)

Instead I got something better imo, only I wish I'd gotten two. That would've made a lovely pair lololol

Me tweaking the nipple >.< Couldn't help it.

Soundtrack to the day

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Giveaways and Kara love

Now I'm back to the blogging world I've been following all these super giveaways. They're all gal orientated so I'm sure people will like them. If you see any more cool ones link me. Usually giveaways are a great way for me to find new blogs I love <3

This is Sari's first giveaway. She's suer cute

This is Juliette at Dolly Dream's first giveaway! Check it out <3

This giveaway is so clever. Pick your poison girls!

Also at the moment I'm so proud of how Kara is doing in Japan. They really fit the Jpop sound (I also love that Jpop has still preserved it's sound whereas Kpop doesn't really have a unique sound anymore...neither does UKpop) and I'm glad they're succeeding over there despite the drama. Most of all I like understanding the lyrics. Even if they are a bit silly and I like a lot of kpop despite not understanding, it is refreshing to just...get it.

It's all about him

Hey guys! I've not updated for awhile 'cos I've been busy studying and basically just having some irl fun. Whenever I've felt like blogging I thought it was better to update Gal in Translation since it has more followers and you about people more interesting than me lol.

So a quick update on me:

  • I'm totally feeling the girl up top Auburn. She's super cute and I really want her to do well
  • I kinda fell outta the kpop loop but I caught up yesterday
  • I have like no's jokes
  • I have a boy so I'm currently all kinds of loved up
  • I'm still going to Japan, FUCK RADIATION!
  • I'm kinda over gal, I will do a post about that soon-ish
  • I'm missing my wifeたち but will see them all soon!!!
  • Revision is death but I'm keeping at it
....totally overused the word 'I' there right? OH NOES. Sorry for boring you people, I'll try to resume normal broadcasting soon.
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