Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I am off from uni for aaaaages atm since it's Spring Break. It's still quite cold here in Tokyo though. I want spring to come soon. Since I have all this free time I must admit I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do with my time. I have got myself a part time job now (so terrifying, my Japanese is not up to this yet I don't think) which will soon hopefully take up loads of my time once I'm done with my training. I spent a lot of time kicking about my room eating pocky and reading manga and feeling like the world's lamest cliché.  As such I bit the bullet and started deco-ing my phone like I've been planning since I bought it!

The beginning. I kept not buying sufficient stones so this happened in 3 stages, this being the first one. It was so much fun once I started I don't know why I don't deco more stuff. I forget I enjoy it I guess.

This is the end of stage one. To be honest part of me kept not getting enough supplies so I'd have an excuse to keep going to 109 and use up my time >.<

And the finished article!!! I left just enough room for the clock to show through on the front but it was a tight squeeze and did mess up the design a little at the bottom. I should have planned the bottom heart's placement as meticulously as I did the top one's. 

But in the dark you can't tell hehehe. I didn't leave gaps for the other LED's but in the dark you can really see them well. I set them to only flash pink because otherwise it looks odd against the design.

With the rest of my free time I've just been...well cam-whoring basically. Look at my face! I need something to do so badly clearly. But I figured since I haven't shown my face outside of a purikura booth on my blog for a while that I would add this one in.

In other news, today is Valentine's Day and I don't give a shit. I feel like the only person in Tokyo that thinks that which is annoying. I miss England where basically only people actually in a relationship care about this day. I'm like a Valentine's Day scrooge....is that even a thing? Last year I invited my friends round to get drunk but that's not an option this year. Wah! I've never spent it with a significant other...forever alone!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Koboshi LONDON

I must have mentioned my friend Chriss on this blog a million times or something. We go to the same university together in London and she has amazing style. Refer to the pics of her in this blog for further proof of that. She's a very cool girl who is super crazy, loves V-kei, knows how to pull together awesome outfits and is never afraid to be daring with her hair. More than that though she also knows where...all the cool stuff is ever somehow.

This is us when we were twinning the first day she arrived in Japan. She's now back in the UK (and I MISS HER) working on an cool new project I hope some of you guys might be interested in, or want to take part in. Who better to explain this than herself?

You can find the pics and videos she's already put up on the official KOBOSHI London facebook page HERE. In the first video there is a guest appearance from my flatmates from last year! (I miss them tooo...)

And like Chriss said herself, she's everywhere so if you think she's a cool girl you can catch her on tumblr, twitter and on her personal blog too.

Also if you happen to be going to Japan Underground tonight she and her DSLR will be there. Get involved.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Style Inspirations : Re:NO

 This is my second post about my style inspirations, the first being on the fearless RihoKate. Now I wanna talk about Re:NO, another girl who is innovative and fearless with her style choices. For those that haven't heard of her before, Re:NO is a model for Kera. You can find her blog here

And I know what you're probably thinking, your style inspiration is a Kera model? That's not gyaru. And you'd be right Re:NO is v-kei and I wouldn't class my self in the slightest, despite me liking the music and going to lives. I do see some people throwing Re:NO and Kyary's names around with the style gyaru but, they just aren't. It's all in the execution, and of course how they class themselves. I do still however get very inspired by Re:NO's style and make-up. She's very bold with her choices in both areas. Also I love how she always changes up her hair. It reminds me of Kaoru. She once said she wanted to be able to tug on one ear to make her hair longer or shorter and tug on the other to make it curly or straight. If only!

Even though I love Ma*rs and d.i.a it's partly Re:NO's inspiration that pushes me towards brands like tutuHA and JSG that tip toe on the boundary between Shibuya and Harajuku. Her use of colour in both her outfits and hair always make her co-ords interesting. I also like how she doesn't just live in the realm of fashion, Re:NO's main passion is her music. What a cool girl hey?

Look at her chilling with Morimayo. I saw her the other day in Fernopaa, big ass hair is BIG!

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