Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lol belated Valentine's day post

I know this is late but....I'm too lazy to get the photos off my camera >.< Basically since my love life is epic fail and my flatmates weren't at home I invited some friends round for general fun-timez and merriment. The day before I went to my Yinnie-unni's house to make chocolate and I'd made more at home that morning. Yummy spread right ??

with nommy New Year chocolates from my kaki-tomo Chiaki

Then we watch Glee and Tool Academy, my usual Monday night ritual. Lol aren't I so cool. TBH though I think I had more fun than most of the crazed looking guys on the streets with their sad excuses for flowers. And also I got to drink Champagne out of a straw and if that ain't a classy situation I don't know what is lol

And eventually the night devolved into....well into playing tin the play park in my block of flats drunk off our faces. We got told off and everything.

I had so much fun playing with my friends. Hope you guys had fun times too! I also did a lot of other stuff this recently that I could blog about but again....lazy with pictures.

Another point is that 3 of my friends that came round are all going to WASEDA with me. Waseda is the uni I'll be at in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I'm gonna be a broke ass bitch next year lol

I'm trying to lay of facebook a bit and I'm basically spamming my twitter like a high post count increases my access to Taeyang's pants. Add me bitches, it's on the side of my blog

Heard about some cool giveaways I'll post links too soon as well. I love giveaways as promotion because they really do help spread the word about interesting blogs. I'd do one if I actually gave a shit about anyone reading mine lol. Also I'll translate some more shit for you guys soon xx

I also leave you guys with this. Go get your kpop boy of choice:

Also Dalmatian had a comeback. Hopefully they'll get all the love they deserve this time round. Felt like I was holding the fan-girly fort all by myself when Round 1 dropped:

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