Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review: Hurricane Brown

I wanted to get these lenses ever since I saw Emmie's review of them here. They looked really good on her but still kinda subtle and since I wanted a lens that could be worn more everyday I figured these were the ones. I got them from PinkyParadise once again and they came just as well packaged as the last order and I got more free gifts ^.^

This is the lenses with one in and one out to show the enlargement. I think maybe I have big irises 'cos they're 14mm and seemed to give Emmie more enlargement but I don't mind because I wanted them to look more natural and I have my Princess Mimi's for huge lenses!

As you can see from the pics they look pretty natural, especially in normal daylight. My mum said she really noticed them but she also didn't notice me wearing my Princess Mimi's for a whole day so I don't think she's the best source. They work well for a more toned done look and really look good on darker eyes I think.


  • Enlargement: ☆☆The rating is 'cos they don't enlarge my eyes much but that doesn't necessarily mean I don't like that look
  • Comfort: 
    They were pretty comfortable as is to be expected of GEO lenses. After a few hours I started to feel them and took them out but they're pretty good tbh.
  • Colour/Design 
    I really like how they look. They only lost the one star because I would have liked to see the hurricane pattern a bit more...but maybe my eyes were too dark for it to show?

Thanks for reading GRRRRAR

Monday, 18 July 2011

Chrome nails...or maybe not

For ages I've wanted to have chrome nails, a la Beyonce and other celebs. When I was shopping with my mother I saw nail foils but they were selling them at like 8 pounds. I thought that was obscene  since I knew I'd seen them cheaper on  Born Pretty Store. I ended up ordering these ones:

I was really looking forward to trying them out so I spent a morning putting them on. Here are the results...

As you can see...not the look I wanted. Yes they're nice and chrome but they don't actually lie nicely on my nails. I followed the instructions and spent awhile applying them so I don't think it's my fault...I don't think. But I think I do now why. The foils are nails are not. They curve both ways and there's just no way you could apply something flat to something 3d without it puckering. So.....I guess these are a bust.

The packaging says they last 11 days. I was sceptical about this to start with but considering the puckering most of them didn't even last an hour. Well they looked awful on my nails anyway so it's no big loss I guess. Apart from you know...the money I spent >.<

So since the full nail covering didn't work I figured I could make the foils worth my money I decided to try cutting them smaller and applying them in sections so the puckering wouldn't happen. It looked a lot better and lasted a lot longer....a whole 4 hours ¬¬ So yeah I don't recommend these at all unless you have perfectly flat nails. Also I saw them in a local BSS the next day at a lower price too so...meh

However if you're heart is set on the perfect chrome nails you could try out these, also from the Born Pretty Store

Sami Spoon reviewed the gold version in her post here so check it out if you're interested.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Leaving London ;_;

As I'm sure I've mentioned like...a million times I am going to Japan for a year soon. Obviously I can't wait for this but it does come with some downsides. The main one being leaving London. I have come to love this city so much. Most of my friends are here, my boyfriend is here, I have so many happy memories here and it's just a place I love.

My first challenge was trying to empty my messy room. I try to be a neat person but....I just suck at it. Somehow even though my room was small it's like the tardis (Dr Who references ftw) and I have a ridiculous amount of stuff.

I had to take down all my posters (I ended up getting rid of most of them T_T) and these sheets with all the kanji and vocab I had to learn that I had stuck up because of my exams . They were all over the flat and just as I thought I'd done them all I'd close a door and find like another 3 >.< They were really useful though...especially the ones in the bathroom 笑 It makes it easier to just take in the kanji without having to put loads of effort into it. It also helped me keep them in my head once I was on to the next set to learn.

So after like 3 days of packing interspersed with watching lots of the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire My life is now just packed into boxes and I'm no longer in London. This will be Chriss's room now. You better look after it Ageho!!!!! *shakes fist*

Moving to another country also means I have a lot of stuff to sell so look out for some sales posts soon. It'll be mainly lolita stuff and gyaru magazines...maybe some gyaru stuff too. Check it out ^^

Monday, 4 July 2011

Review: Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Not too long ago I ordered these circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. I really wanted to try the Bambi lenses that a lot of gals are really into right now and I also wanted to try out Pinky Paradise as a service. I need prescription lenses so it's nice to find somewhere that has them in stock without having to wait for them to be ordered from the manufacturers themselves.

They arrived really well packaged and there were no problems. The other packages are the lenses I also ordered for my friends.

The lenses came with a free animal lens case each. Aren't they super cute!!! And I got free gifts too; a velcro strip to keep my fringe out of the way while I put my lenses in, and two pack of little masks to help get rid of dark circles (I really need those lol) I might review the dark circle removers too. Now, on to the actual lenses.

As you can see in this picture of my disgusting make-up-less face the Princess Mimi's give great enlargement. As to be expected of 15mm I guess. I love the colour and they work pretty well on dark eyes. My mum said they were 'startling'.....I think that's a compliment?

These lenses aren't exactly what I'd call natural what with the size but the three tones stop you from looking too freaky or anything. If you're after enlargement without looking like an alien I'd recommend these and they go well with a heavy eye make. ^^


  • Enlargement: Super Huge for those that like that ^^
  • Comfort:
    I'm used to dailies which are much thinner so I can feel the weight of these more but they okay once you're used to it
  • Colour/Design
    The three tonal design make them look more natural and the dark ring looks good. I wonder if these work better for dark eyes than lighter eyes though.

Also, if you would like a pair of Mimi's for yourself...or 3 little forest girl is having a give away where you could win 3 pairs of lenses. Super nice of her so take part!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Agehoes make a comeback yo!

So as I said in my last post the Agehoes, me Chriss and Emmie had another skank day the other day. This basically involves us dressing skanky and bumming around the West End. As always we derped around troc but there was some b-boying event so we couldn't occupy the corner in our true skanky fashion.

Also at troc we ended up meeting Unni so this ended up being the Agehoes + Unni. It was fun seeing her again to hang out before we left. Especially 'cos it meant we could share our love of being trashy with someone else.

After troc we did a lot of random wandering around. We went to soho but the awesome cupcake shop from before was closed ;_; Emmie and Chriss bought bubble tea while I went to get a mango smothie. We were then joined by Chriss' bf who pretended he didn't know us once we got to China town. Yep...that's how embarrassing we are to be around. My man friend turned up in China Town but he left retty quickly too. Clearly the Agehoes are too much for mere men.

Chriss' bf made a comment that Chriss and Emmie looked like urban foxes with their tails on. Don't they just. CUTIES! Emmie's being dead, a common trait of the urban fox. I think Chriss is being rabid....? Or has mange? What else do Urban foxes do?

No skank day outfit would be complete without some skanky footwear. From left to right we have Chriss' spankly wedges, Emmie's much loved awesome shoe boots and my Barbie heels. I don't think I wear them enough. Because last time we forgot a lot of what happened on our skank day I thought of writing it down but in the end I couldn't be bothered. Basically we got heckled by randomers. But tbh it was a hot day so there were a lot of other skanky looking people about. I saw one lady's nipples. Ageho material right there guys! 笑

I sometimes wonder for a girl not in a gyaru-sa why so many of my friendship groups have names; b.gumi, agehoes, LEAP....
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