Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Review: Hurricane Brown

I wanted to get these lenses ever since I saw Emmie's review of them here. They looked really good on her but still kinda subtle and since I wanted a lens that could be worn more everyday I figured these were the ones. I got them from PinkyParadise once again and they came just as well packaged as the last order and I got more free gifts ^.^

This is the lenses with one in and one out to show the enlargement. I think maybe I have big irises 'cos they're 14mm and seemed to give Emmie more enlargement but I don't mind because I wanted them to look more natural and I have my Princess Mimi's for huge lenses!

As you can see from the pics they look pretty natural, especially in normal daylight. My mum said she really noticed them but she also didn't notice me wearing my Princess Mimi's for a whole day so I don't think she's the best source. They work well for a more toned done look and really look good on darker eyes I think.


  • Enlargement: ☆☆The rating is 'cos they don't enlarge my eyes much but that doesn't necessarily mean I don't like that look
  • Comfort: 
    They were pretty comfortable as is to be expected of GEO lenses. After a few hours I started to feel them and took them out but they're pretty good tbh.
  • Colour/Design 
    I really like how they look. They only lost the one star because I would have liked to see the hurricane pattern a bit more...but maybe my eyes were too dark for it to show?

Thanks for reading GRRRRAR

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