Saturday, 27 August 2011

In Japan!

Today was my second day in Japan. The first day involved a lot of shifting luggage and moving in nonsense. I'm still surrounded by my own mess right now so tomorrow I'm going to the hyaku-en shop to get some form of storage. 笑

I was supposed to be meeting a friend at hachiko this evening but we ended up missing each other. It's really difficult not having a phone so that's something i guess I'll have to sort out very soon. All day the rain just hasn't stopped. This is particularly a nuisance in Japan because you have to wrap your umbrella at every shop. Since I spent a lot of today in Akiba to buy some electrical stuff that was a faff.

Since we missed our friend we wondered around Shibuya for a bit. We took purikura and I went in ANAP. I didn't have much time to go anywhere else since we had to go to the supermarket before it closed. However I have a whole year here so I'm sure I'll be hitting Shibuya enough to please me and empty my bank account 笑

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