Friday, 9 September 2011

Home sweet home

So I've kinda settled in a bit now so I figured I'd post some pics of my room. There's not much to it but hey let's face it I live in Japan so I didn't expect much lol.

Can you believe I actually had to tidy up to achieve this level of disorganisation lol. I guess I'm just one of those people who'll never be tidy.

End there's the other end of the corridor that is my room. I'm used to living in small spaces since I'm a poor student so I can make the best of this. And either way I'm in Japan which so far has softened the blows of anything Japan has so far tried to throw at me. I like the call the bit by my door and wardrobe k-pop corner.

So my favourite things so far about Tokyo are:

  • all the cute shit
  • the good transport
  • Shibuya
  • all the k-pop everywhere
  • the internet
  • Mos Burger
  • microwaveable simple
  • peach water
  • Pino
  • ...

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