Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Gal* Ten

Now it's been around for awhile so I'm sure some people will already know about it but Gal*Ten (or ギャルトーク天国 in Japanese) is what I wanna blog about today. As the name suggests it's just a bunch of gals sat around chatting for a bit over an hour but it's really entertaining. It's a live online show from TBS so if you tweet them during the show they might read it out. I like it because it helps me get used to more casual Japanese and I think the best thing to keep up your interest in studying Japanese is to base it around things you're interested in. It airs at 8pm on Tuesdays Japanese time. You don't have to worry if that is at some ridiculous time in your time zone, you can re-watch it whenever you like on the tbs gal-ten website.

Now for the cast:

Hiromi Imaizumi ( Hi-bou) 

She models for Edge Style and favours a more adult look. She's quite funny on the show too.

Kanako Kawabata

Everyone's favourite egg model Kanako is on this show. She kinda makes the show to be honest because she has such a fun personality

Rui Kotobuki

Popteen model. She's very cute and lovely, but kinda quiet in the show.

Aya Suzuki

My original favourite gal model ever. She models for Ranzuki and has really nice style. You should check out her blog. She's very good friends with Kanako and Romihi.


Romihi of GLIA and egg fame. No surprises that she's on the cast too since both Kanako and Aya are. They have a really good relationship together which makes it fun to watch. They're also all under the same entertainment company.


OMG I love her! I don't know how popular or well known she is with western gyaru since I guess she's more of a talent. I see her on a few shows here in Japan and she models in Nicky too. Along with Kanako she brings the fun to gal-ten.


Ako is one of the most adorable gyaru mamas. Three kids and still so glam. She's super cute and sometimes her daughter is on the show. Her style is always fabulous and she's kinda quiet on the show.

They also have a TBS announcer (Nagisa Satou in case you're interested) who basically babysits the gals. Her and Aya usually do the presenting.

The show is a bit different every time but the basic format has them starting with a bit of chatting and showing what gifts they have to give away to a viewer that tweets them. Recently they've started plugging the theme song for the show (you need to use TBS's phone website to download it) at the start too. They move on to outfit run downs which is the best bit for me. Once the models are out of their magazines you get to see their normal style and where they personally shop at. I love Romihi's style on down days and Aya always looks really cute. It also goes to prove that even the models don't look like models every day. They also take some time at the end usually to talk about advertise something they've been interested in lately. The links to all the products later go up on the website. There is at least one guest every week, usually two which helps keeps the show interesting each week. They also throw in new segments. Last week was a truth game to do with relationships. Kinda brings it home how young some of these gals are when they say they've not had their first kiss yet.

I guess if you can't understand Japanese this show might be kinda boring for you. You can still enjoy the outfit run downs though but I think a lot of the actual fun of the show would be lost. If you are studying Japanese or understand it though I really recommend this as part of your weekly routine. ^^

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