Saturday, 29 October 2011

Review : King Grey lenses

I got so lazy with blogging. It's really bad but so much stuff happens and then I have to do homework or go to uni so I rarely have a load of time to sit at my computer and edit a post. I got these lenses ages ago from PinkyParadise (link in the sidebar) again. They have really quick service and are generally pretty good so I recommend them to anyone. This time they sent me the elephant lense case wich made me pretty since they're my favourite animal だ象。。。lame joke forgive me >.<

I look a bit stoned in all the pics with flash, sorry. My eyes are kinda light sensitive. Now I'm gonna be honest and say these are my favourite pair of lenses I own. They have enough pigment to cover my dark eyes, they stand out without being hyper sized and suit my look more when I wanna be more ハデ(hade). I love the thick black ring too, though I know some people don't.


  • Enlargement: ★☆They aren't super huge but they do make an obvious difference size-wise imo.
  • Comfort: 
    Even though these aren't made by GEO who are famed for their comfort I think these feel just as fine as my other lenses.
  • Colour/Design 
    LOVE LOVE LOVE. They look light grey and stand out a lot sometimes but can also look dark grey in some lights which is nice too. I like the thick black outer band also.

Peace out guys! I'll try to update more regularly from now on. I do have stuff waiting, just needs editing. xx

PS: Yeah, the ends of my hair are purple. More on that later 

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