Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Style Inspirations : RihoKate

RihoKate (リホケイト)is an egg reader model and the first in my series of blog posts about my style inspirations. I think I first really remember her from last February's valentine's section where I thought she just looked awful. I remember making fun of her with Unni. I'll be honest, I still don't like how she does her makeup but she is also at the moment one of my favourite gal models.

RihoKate model for my beloved JSG for their A/W collection. I like her style and the way she puts her co-ordinates together. I think everything she wears screams gal, even if you take away her make-up and her hair. I like that she takes risks with gal.

This November's issue of egg had the theme of "grrrls message from the street". I think this is them trying to breathe some fire back into gal tbh but I really enjoyed RihoKate's sections because she has such a good attitude to her fashion. It made me respect her so much more and I understand some of her more out there choices now (such as her hair in that issue, it's like when I had crochet braids but worse >.<)

Her general stance on fashion, and life basically is : "I look the way I like because I like it. It my life so I can't spend it worrying about what you think of me" (not a direct translation just summing up) I find it so refreshing in a land of girls that all want to look just like Nishino Kana because it's pretty much socially acceptable and it means boys will like them. When I first got into gal it was at the height of haaaaardy (if anyone even remembers that) and Kaoru was queen. At that time I hadn't started dressing gal really but I really liked the whole atmosphere around the style. It was young and rebellious and bright. Now it's all pastels and no edge which bores me almost to tears so seeing that gals like Riho still exist is like a breath of fresh air. Yay for gals that don't give a shit! More of these please!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Me vs. Japan : Recycling

Yeah it's that time again for another rant from me about Japan. Mostly I like it here but there are some things that do kinda piss me off. Today's rant is about recycling in Japan.

This is the crazy amount of rules we were given in our place for disposing of our rubbish. First off we got the 8 page document but after some complaints we were given the sheet. That was kinda good since half the dates on the original document were wrong so no wonder we were putting things out on the wrong day.

Now I don't mind recycling, even if it gross. If there's a little thing I can do to make a difference in the long run then fine I don't mind. I spent all of last year separating my food waste leading to a number of what I can only describe as the rankest experiences of my life. My issues with it in Japan are many layered. The first layer of which are public bins that seem like they are separated but in fact are NOT. Wtf why would you bother pretending to be sorting properly when your aren't? I also don't like the double standard in our neighbourhood. A lot of people complain about how we do things because we're the 'gaijin house' but tbh we're just following the same rules as them. We got complaints about putting the rubbish out the night before....I've seen my neighbours put there's out at noon the day before. Gah!

Also, I swear they don't even care that much about the environment. What I mean by that is, for all the recycling they still produce a shit load of packaging for no apparent reason. Take these make-up wipes as an example...why the double packaging? And everything comes like this. You get chocolate on a cardboard tray inside of a plastic wrapper inside of a cardboard box. It's so stupid I can't even.

(This rant is mainly due to it being my day to do the rubbish ¬¬ lol. More actually fun/interesting posts to come I promise)

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I finally bought the dino sweater I've been coveting. It's silly how happy wearing this makes me. Now me and the gang are off to all night karaoke!�

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


So yeah, it was Halloween yesterday. On the Saturday I had a party at work which was fun but also technically work so I couldn't have fun like usual. I didn't actually go clubbing for Halloween because well...I didn't have anyone to go with but I did prance around Harajuku with my friends and take purikura. Our adventures included being nampa-ed (then being rescued by the guy's friend since even he thought we were too young), looking at some stray kittens frolicking and getting our picture taken by an old Japanese couple.

I like how in purikura in Japan there's a seasonal section so you could make everything Halloween themed. Hope you guys all had a good time this year!

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