Sunday, 18 September 2011

New 109 stores

Now as I'm sure a lot of people know from Mitsu blog post here there's been huge turnover in the shops in 109. I went last Saturday when most of the new stores opened up and since I figured people might be interested I thought I'd blog about it.

Now most of the new stores are on the upper floors. The first I went into was Pinza on the 6th floor opposite Ank Rouge. It's not my style at all and I just went in to check it out while my friend was trying on stuff in Ank Rouge. While I was in there there was some guy in a Lolita dress who was getting a lot of staff attention. He was the only other person in there. Wow, sucks to be Pinza. I didn't feel too bad for them though because one of the shop staff gave me a dirty look when she saw I was wearing trainers ¬¬ In an empty shop don't try to be picky about customers lady! The cloths were nice, very cute and ladylike but nothing to scream and shout about.

Ungrid on the 7th floor, unlike Pinza was PACKED with people. It's a smaller shop but still, it was full. I wondered why and then I realised a lot of people had come to see the model that had turned up. I was literally forced around the shop by the  movement of people in there and I couldn't look at anything really so I went back later for a better look. I like most of the stuff, especially the burgundy jumper you can see in the picture above. The layout is actually alright as well when there are less people about.

moohoop was my first stop on the 8th floor and the store I was most interested in looking at. It's crazy small and quite a few people were in there looking about but I could still look at everything without feeling too swamped. I like the stuff they have in but it has a different feel to the rest of 109. I like that the clothes are cheap and the shop staff are friendly but I also had a bit of a jumble sale feel to it. It's currently on the list of models such as Suzuki Aya and Kanako though and is definitely worth a look at. I really want the dolman sleeved batman hoody. Super cute

GYDA is nice but so expensive. I saw a few things I liked such as the shoes you can see in the pic and some other bits and pieces but things would have to just be more spectacular for me to pay what they want for it. They were selling a set which included leggings, a t-shirt and fluffy waist coat for like 80 quid or so? They must be on crack. But I think that about a lot of pricing in 109. How does it cost so much? It's not made that well and I hope the corridor of space they have in 109 isn't raising the costs that badly.

When I first went Repipi Armanio was full of children so I didn't even go in. Then when I went back later in the day (yeah I went to 109 twice in one day) my friend dragged me in to look at thier fluffy back packs with ears. It's a really sweet shop and the prices are low's for kids tbh. Some of the stuff could work into other outfits but I couldn't see it ever being a shop someone almost exclusively buys from. I mean it's the kinda AmeKaji style of CoLu or w♥c but somehow just doesn't have a grown-up element to it at all.

So there we go, all the shops I went to that day. I went into Garula too and again like a lot of stuff there but would not pay that much for booty shorts. That 16-year-old is crazy. Where do these gals get their money from? My favourite atm is moohoop.

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