Monday, 18 July 2011

Chrome nails...or maybe not

For ages I've wanted to have chrome nails, a la Beyonce and other celebs. When I was shopping with my mother I saw nail foils but they were selling them at like 8 pounds. I thought that was obscene  since I knew I'd seen them cheaper on  Born Pretty Store. I ended up ordering these ones:

I was really looking forward to trying them out so I spent a morning putting them on. Here are the results...

As you can see...not the look I wanted. Yes they're nice and chrome but they don't actually lie nicely on my nails. I followed the instructions and spent awhile applying them so I don't think it's my fault...I don't think. But I think I do now why. The foils are nails are not. They curve both ways and there's just no way you could apply something flat to something 3d without it puckering. So.....I guess these are a bust.

The packaging says they last 11 days. I was sceptical about this to start with but considering the puckering most of them didn't even last an hour. Well they looked awful on my nails anyway so it's no big loss I guess. Apart from you know...the money I spent >.<

So since the full nail covering didn't work I figured I could make the foils worth my money I decided to try cutting them smaller and applying them in sections so the puckering wouldn't happen. It looked a lot better and lasted a lot longer....a whole 4 hours ¬¬ So yeah I don't recommend these at all unless you have perfectly flat nails. Also I saw them in a local BSS the next day at a lower price too so...meh

However if you're heart is set on the perfect chrome nails you could try out these, also from the Born Pretty Store

Sami Spoon reviewed the gold version in her post here so check it out if you're interested.

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