Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ghibli Musuem

Okay so a really really really long time ago I went to the Ghibli Museum here in Japan and I was looking through the photos on my phone recently which reminded me of how much fun I had there. Since I know a lot of people like Ghibli I thought I'd show you guys my pics.

I love all the little detailing around the museum. Even the glass and the iron railings have Ghibli references. Though it isn't large it's nice to take the time to just take in all these small details so you can truly appreciate how much work went into this place.

There are also sections on the animation studio's history, some models and displays on how animation is produced and some cute sketches and recreations of Miyazaki's studio too.

And of course there are the major attractions that every one likes to see. Such as the huge robot from Labuta which is on top of the building, or the Cat Bus room (which on the day I went was reserved for children >.<).

You can also see a short film in the cinema there. It's basically more about the cat bus from Totoro and is super adorable. It has no subtitles though sooo I guess if you can't understand Japanese you'd just have to take in the cinematography if nothing else.

The gift shop is full of really cool stuff related to the films but it is a tad on the expensive side. I wanted a lot of stuff but I went home with nothing since I went during one of my poor phases (these are often >.<). Also outside they have places to eat and a cart that sells drinks like ramune. It was so much fun.

We didn't have that much time there...around an hour and a half but you don't really need more than that. It's not a huge museum and even if you watch the movie you can get to see everything in that amount of time. If you get the chance I really recommend you go. Also the museum is in the middle of a huge park so you can make a day out of it and have a wonder around there like I did.

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