Saturday, 4 February 2012

Koboshi LONDON

I must have mentioned my friend Chriss on this blog a million times or something. We go to the same university together in London and she has amazing style. Refer to the pics of her in this blog for further proof of that. She's a very cool girl who is super crazy, loves V-kei, knows how to pull together awesome outfits and is never afraid to be daring with her hair. More than that though she also knows where...all the cool stuff is ever somehow.

This is us when we were twinning the first day she arrived in Japan. She's now back in the UK (and I MISS HER) working on an cool new project I hope some of you guys might be interested in, or want to take part in. Who better to explain this than herself?

You can find the pics and videos she's already put up on the official KOBOSHI London facebook page HERE. In the first video there is a guest appearance from my flatmates from last year! (I miss them tooo...)

And like Chriss said herself, she's everywhere so if you think she's a cool girl you can catch her on tumblr, twitter and on her personal blog too.

Also if you happen to be going to Japan Underground tonight she and her DSLR will be there. Get involved.

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