Thursday, 14 April 2011

It's all about him

Hey guys! I've not updated for awhile 'cos I've been busy studying and basically just having some irl fun. Whenever I've felt like blogging I thought it was better to update Gal in Translation since it has more followers and you about people more interesting than me lol.

So a quick update on me:

  • I'm totally feeling the girl up top Auburn. She's super cute and I really want her to do well
  • I kinda fell outta the kpop loop but I caught up yesterday
  • I have like no's jokes
  • I have a boy so I'm currently all kinds of loved up
  • I'm still going to Japan, FUCK RADIATION!
  • I'm kinda over gal, I will do a post about that soon-ish
  • I'm missing my wifeたち but will see them all soon!!!
  • Revision is death but I'm keeping at it
....totally overused the word 'I' there right? OH NOES. Sorry for boring you people, I'll try to resume normal broadcasting soon.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you're all happy <3 aaaw its nice to hear that you have a boy now =DD how'd you guys meet? I wanna hear about itttt


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