Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year

For me it's not only the start of a new year but also my birthday. I've been thinking a lot about the past and also how I want to proceed in the next year as a 21-year-old. So much has changed in this past year it gives me a lot to think about.

This time last year I looked like this:

During 2010 I have started a relationship, finished my 2nd year at university, moved country, begun studying in Japan and had quite a style makeover. Of course the biggest change is moving to Japan. It has made me grow up more than simply moving to London did, it's highlighted a lot of issues I need to work on in regards to Japanese and being here has really made me more concious of my style. 

Right now I look like this:

It's been really useful being here where I can visit my favourite brands so often and pick up gal magazines whenever I want. At first I really wasn't sure where I was going style-wise but now I'm so much more focussed on how I want to look. I hope into 2012 I can keep getting more confident in this respect.

That brings me to my resolutions:

1: Be more focussed on studying

I've always worked quite hard but lately I've noticed a lot of weak points with my studying I need to work on. By putting in more effort I hope I can fix these and work towards my goal of fluency in Japanese and confidence using it with both native speakers and other learners a like.

2: Lose weight

I've gained some weight I'd rather lose over that last year and I would like to lose it. I also want to get fitter in general because I feel so unfit and that's so not sexy. I'm pretty good at eating clean when I can be bothered but I get lazy when it comes to exercise so I'm going to try and work harder in that respect.

3: Be more organised

This applies to various things, from tidying my room regularly to keeping in better contact with my family. I need to be more proactive and organised in so many aspects. This includes thinking about my future. In September I start my final year of uni and I really need to think harder about what I want to do with my life after studenthood.

4. Improve style

I already mentioned how I feel like I'm doing better with my style. I want to continue this and most of all, not go back to how I was before once I get back to London. Confidence is a big part of looking good and I want to maintain the confidence I've gain so far. My make-up still needs work and I want to be able to put together better co-ordinates with the clothes I have.

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