Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lashtastic : Candy Style

When I got here I was in desperate need of new lashes, the ones I'd been using were pretty much trashed. I was all set to buy some Diamond Lashes or Dolly Wink but as I was in Donki I saw loads of lashes for like, 107 yen in various styles. I never bought cheap lashes in the UK because they looked so fake and didn;t come in the styles I wanted. However these Candy Style lashes were all designed for gal make-up and didn't seem too awful.

The lashes don't come with glue but I never use the glue that comes with lashes anyway, I use D.U.P Lash Fixer EX. They aren't the best quality lashes I've ever had, but because they're so cheap I don't mind wearing them all the time and basically trashing them. It also means I can try out different styles without investing too much. I mean who wants 4 pairs of eyelashes that don't actually suit you?

And I'm not the only one wearing them. I knew the packaging looked familiar when I saw them in the shop so I flicked back through some of my gal mags and sure enough the reader models are using them too.

  • Kanako uses the Baby top lashes.
  • Rina uses the Baby and Natural top lashes and the Racoon bottom lashes.
  • Minyatocchi also uses the Baby top lashes.
  • Nemoyayo uses the Bapion and Racoon lashes.
So if you're around a Donki I recommend giving some of these a try. I mean what does it cost you?

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