Tuesday, 20 December 2011

1,2 Agehoes

I posted a pic yesterday on Facebook of me and Chriss twinning. Well you can work out what that means, CHRISS IS IN TOKYO!! Yay I am re-united with one of my agehoes. She's visiting for a few weeks and staying in the same place as me so super convenient for fun times ^^

We then went off with Alice on various errands to ensure we have cake and KFC in time for Christmas. Or should I say Chriss-mas? I'm really happy we managed to order the KFC in time. It's not as good as being with your family I guess but it's still fun doing Christmas the Japanese way. After our errands in Shinjuku (and some flapping about and taking puri in Kabukicho) we went off to Harajuku.

In Harajuku we looked around a few shops and went to Tenya for some tempura-don because we were epic hungry and I realised I hadn't eaten tempura at all since I'd got to Japan which is a travesty since it's super yummy. After that we went for crepes because you can't go to Harajuku and not eat crepes. Believe me I've tried.

The sign next to the crepe shop.

Our crepes. I had double chocolate and banana and Alice and Chriss had double chocolate and strawberry. Mmm fruit.

And finally this is my eye make-up at the moment. I've been playing around with it a bit and have gone back to glitter under the eyes because it helps with the darker shadows and thicker liner I've been using lately. The top lashes are Candy Style (cute) and the bottom lashes are Diamond Lashes (charming eye).

I can't wait until everyone else gets here for the winter holidays. When Emmie gets here the Agehoes will all be assembled and armed to take over....

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