Friday, 2 March 2012

Lazy lazy blogger

I exist. I know it might not have seemed like it since I haven't blogged in awhile but I do still exist. And it's not for lack of inspiration, it's just that even though I'm on spring break I've had a lot to do and even more distractions. I got a job this month so I've been spending a lot of my time. It's in Shibuya 109-2 (ish) so I get to spend a lot of time watching well dressed boys and girls wander around (while also freezing my arse off). I'm working in a cake shop which nice but maybe a bit too much temptation for me while I'm on my diet hehe. It's nice to finally have a job where I speak in Japanese the whole time though because it gives me an opportunity to practise. To any Japanese students out there reading this blog, if you can, get a job in a Japanese speaking environment. It puts you in a position where you HAVE to use your skills, and improve them as well because communication is key. I work until quite late so I basically come home and collapse and then wake up late and have to  busy myself with boring 'life' things like tidying my room and food shopping. >.<

In the free time I do have I've been wasting my life on Ameba Pigg Life. It's basically Farmville but cuter and in Japanese with more interaction features. I've been using it as an outlet since on Pigg Life I can garden and bake and I have money, all things with are just not the case in the real world >.< If you're interested you should play, but bear in mind this warning 'It will ruin your life' (for at least the first 2 days)

I haven't been a total homebody either though. I've hung out with Jaenyi a couple of times which was really fun, and such a nice relief from always working. And also a good excuse to get dressed up which I can't do at work (exte, nails and heavy make-up are banned ;_;). Everyone in 109 assumes we're sisters for some reason. They get so confused when they realise we're from different countries.

I do have a few blog posts that I've got planned. Just like in Autumn, 109 once again has a lot of new store openings that I'll report on here (I'm not looking forward to any of them but Neon Soda though, who I predict are going to be popular considering how much they've got themselves into the gal mags). There are also re-openings that I'll comment on here too. Already the 8th floor is totally different; SBY expanded and is much better laid out. I also recently got new lenses that I'll review here. One pair was my Bambi replacements but you can read my previous review on them here. The other two are the EOS New Adult lenses in Pink and Brown. I want to give them a good road test before I review them though so keep waiting on that one.

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