Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Springroove 2012 (a.k.a the best day evar!!)

If you have me on twitter you will have heard me raving about how I was going to see Big Bang and 2NE1 again at Springroove 2012 in Chiba. Springroove is a yearly 'festival' in Japan for lovers of RnB and Hip Hop. They cancelled the Tokyo event last year on account of the earthquake but it was back this year with a great line-up.

The ticket was pretty expensive so I arrived fairly early to make the most of it. After Pixie Lott of course though...cause you know I hate her.  I was on my own for most of the time which was super awkward but...meh. I spent over an hour queuing for stuff : coat check, the bar, the bathroom, but you could hear the music throughout the venue so I didn't mind not being in the crowd to see the DJ sets. I missed Azealia Banks, and Kreayshawn's performances as well as Pixie's (but I don't care because....they're pretty ratchet)

The crowd there was so mixed up. There was a lot of B-kei obviously but also a lot of fabulously dressed girls and there were ora-ora-kei and so many idol fangirls. There was a really wide age range and a lot of foreigners too (I assume coming to see the headliner David Guetta). I didn't make too much effort; d.i.a t-shirt and hoody and some jeggins and ballet flats. I wish I'd dressed differently even though my outfit suited the weather and was suitable to dance in because I felt pretty basic and I didn't have enough pockets for my stuff >.<

Miliyah Kato's set was really nice but the crowd weren't as amped up as they had been for the previous DJ set by Afrojack. She's so pretty and I do really like her songs though so I was grooving along to that. I stayed by the other stage though because I knew m-flo was next and I wouldn't be able to fight my way forward if I waited till she ended.

m-flo was SO.GOOD. There were these two Japanese girls in front of me just going mental which was hilarious too. I really like their new album so it was cool to hear it live. He brought his 'mystery' singer on stage for Run, Call me and the kid from the advert joined him for Sure Shot Ricky. The Americans next to me were really confused at how all the crowd knew who this kid was. They played She's So (Outta Control) too but 2NE1 didn't come out even though they were there. I was so dissapoint at the time. I left to the opposite stage during the last song to meet up with my flat mate before 2NE1 started their set and go t so many glares.

We were REALLY close to the front for 2NE1 but over to the right of the stage so we only really saw from that side. I much preferred their set list to what they performed at YG Family Concert because it was much more upbeat (and the play Clap Your Hands and I'm the Best; my two jams). Bommie is one of the cutest people ever, everything she says is just so adorable. And and and I was so excited because they played She's So (Outta Control) and Verbal came on stage to perform with them and aahhhh it was everything I'd wanted 20 minutes before that.

Next was LMFAO on the other stage. I didn't move an inch. If I'm drunk in a club I will dance to their songs but...they were so annoying. I say they....I mean they because only one of them turned up. Quest Crew were there though which kinda made it worthwhile. However everyone knew the next act was BIGBANG on same stage I was at so all the fangirls around me were so restless. LMFAO had two long pauses and since you couldn't see what was happening on that stage from our angle everyone assumed BB would be on soon and the shoving started. It didn't end >.<

When BIGBANG finally came on the crowd were mental. There is a reason fangirls are seated for these events, otherwise they will do anything to get closer. I felt like I was in the ocean, I kept just getting swept back and forth as people were trying to get to my position or closer. However I did have an amazing view and just ah gah aaaaaah. They're all so hot it's not FAIR! TOP's voice at the beginning of Tonight gave me chills and Taeyang and Daesung just kept parading around like the slutty little kings they are. Big Bang are so good live. Somehow I just didn't remember how good from last time, maybe because I was further away then, maybe because my memory couldn't capture the awesomeness adequately. Either way it was amazing and I didn't even cry this time (willingly at least, my right contact lens was messed up and that eye was tearing up a bit). For their last song 2NE1 came out and they were just playing around on stage together which was super cute; Daesung and Bom doing bits of the Clap Your Hands dance, TOP bending down to Dara's eye level to dance with her...too cute.

After BIGBANG me and my flatmate went to the back. We were planning to watch David Guetta from there where we had more room to breathe and dance but the venue had got much busier since m-flo has started and we figured we should just go and get our stuff and leave before the big rush. Also watching DJ sets is boring if you can't dance.

tl:dr : I had a great day once again. I love my life ^^

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