Saturday, 28 January 2012

YG Family Concert in Japan

Okay anyone who follows me on twitter, tumblr or facebook will know that on the 21st I went to see the YG Family Concert in Saitama Super Arena. I have been super excited about this ever since I first heard about the concert which was months and months ago. I may not be as crazy as I used to be about k-pop but I am still all about YG, especially Big Bang and 2NE1....and did I mention Big Bang? I'm crazy about Taeyang especially.

Why aren't you?

So I thought for awhile about what I was going to wear for the concert but still ended up being unprepared. I only put my hoody in the laundry that morning so I was trying to speed things up drying it with a hair dryer >.<

My OMG hat was in reference to 2NE1's "I'm the best", the hoody is part of Big Bang's uniqlo collection, the shirt and the jacket are d.i.a and to complete the outfit a Big Bang bag I got free in Shin Okubo when I bought my penlight.

I was nervous I wouldn't get there in time to get goods but it actually turned out to be the shortest queue ever. Big Bang brought out a new penlight which is totally different from the old version so I wanted to get that (I was worried it would be like a Johnny's concert where old goods are a no go) and of course I wanted a 2NE1 penlight.

Wah they're so pretty!!! Me and my friend waited inside some random building with loads of other fans while waiting for the doors because of course it would be that day of all days when it would rain for the first time in nearly a month.

On the way in we were stopped by two guys who were doing street snaps for their magazine. Apparently it's a relatively new k-pop one (I already forgot the name so I doubt I'll ever find it, there are a lot of k-pop mags here) and they took our pics and asked who we were coming to see.

I snuck a quick pic of the stage before the concert started. I had to be sneaky because photography is banned and they were watching like hawks. Ah but my memories shall live on forever. We were pretty close so I didn't need to look at the screens most of the time.

2NE1 opened the concert and they were just...amazing. They put on a great show and a lot of the crowd seemed to be there for them. I judged this by the colour of the crowd. Everyone had different coloured penlights but there was a lot of pink among them for 2NE1. After 2NE1 Big Bang came out....and I started crying. I mean it's one thing watching their MV's or watching fan cams but to physically see them moving about on stage and being their stupid awesome selves was just...too much for me at first. After the first song I composed myself and was grooving along. Japanese fans are all about TOP, I'm not sure why because he can barely speak to them in Japanese....maybe that's what they like. In fact, barring Gummy who is fluent everyone else had very cute MC's with adorable mistakes. Especially Bom, I wanted to take her home and be fail with her! There was this couple a few rows behind us and the guy kept shouting out for "YoungBae" (Taeyang) which was kinda funny. Yay for male fans!

The running order gets a bit fuzzy in my head after this. Because it was a YG Family concert they all did fun collabs together (like Big Bang performing "I'm the best" complete with dance routine and Jinu Sean, GD and Seven singing "Fly Gentlemen"). All the acts sang a few tracks before they left (except Jinu Sean and Tablo) and Big Bang ended the show....with LIES!!!!!! they also sang Haru Haru before that. I cried AGAIN. Oh and Taeyang GAVE HIS TOUR HOODY to some girl. The jealousy was extreme let me tell you.

An finally an awkward pic of the large banner of them all together. Sorry for the rubbish quality pictures in the post, they were all taken on my phone. To conclude, this was my best day in Japan to date and I want to spend every day like it.

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