Friday, 21 January 2011

Days in and Zasshi

Okay well the other day I got the results of my end of term Japanese test so to console myself I went to the Japan centre for some much needed retail therapy and girlie night in. I did some "revision" watching the TV - painting my nails and reading egg lol

I'm really starting to like d.i.a style. 

I also bought another magazine from mitsukoshi that I hadn't seen before called 'nicky'. The issue was form November but that didn't really matter to much because though there are fashion shots most of the content is about gal bloggers (or blogyaru), make up tutorials, customising ideas, etc. It's really interesting to read tbh but still super cute in the style of most gal mags.
Loads of tips on customising the gal way

Focuses on various shop staff

Top Blogyaru

In general I'm loving how informative it is (and how the guys look less dutty than those in egg. Like these guys may have had a shower of some sort). Egg this month was also pretty good with the famed Finland shoot. Also it had a survey. I love surveys in egg because they end up so dirty and in general you get a bit of an insight into the gal mind. It's a scary place tbh. I can't relate to a lot of them. Still, funny reading.

I finally finished my nails. They're so awful atm so they have to stay short but hopefully when I have a bit more money I can go and get them done properly at WAH or something. I had today of uni so I did some studying and got my eyebrows threaded. I love living in Camden. Whatever you wear is fine and barely raises an eyebrow. Right now I'm sat in a face mask (that stings like a little bitch) so hopefully operation :sexy gal will be further on it's way soon. lol
Today's outfit.

Bye bye!

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  1. Ahhh that magazine sounds really interesting! I'll need a look sometime XD!!

    Still loving your hair ^__^


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