Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy New Year! 明けましたおめでとう!!!

Well it's New Year so I'm gonna be a total follower and do a year summary and future dreams blog. Now most people have two times of year when they re-evaluate their lives: New Year and their birthday. Now for me that's the same day so I better do it right lol.


This time last year I was nursing an even bigger hangover than the one I have now and enjoying being a fresher. I loved uni, I'd left behind a lot of the bitchiness of high school (which I was unfortunately reminded of last year). I was single...sort of and I was happy with my new friends. Japanese is difficult and has kept me really busy but I've loved every minute of it and ended the uni year with a first somehow ^o^. I got even more obsessed with football than before to the surprise of some friends who should have perhaps known me better lol. I've stressed about finances and become a sort of grown up. I would say 2010 was a good year but it did sort of dwindle toward the end. The boy went away, I met a string of shitter ones who really knocked my self concfidence, I got a job and got even more busy with second year and must say that the last few years of 2010 had me feeling unattractive, and unappealing in every manner. Even unintelligent for god's sake. Oh and my granddad died.


Considering the confidence knocks I consider the resolutions I make now quite important.

  • To stop relying on other people's judgements as a measure of value I consider it a bit of a must to always hold a bit of myself back so I guess it doesn't make sense for me to get upset by people judging me when it's only one facet of my personality I'm showing. I know it might be considered better to be the whole of myself the whole of the time but I think that should be saved for the people I care about the most. That's intimacy.
  • To be a bit more reckless. I always tend to hold myself back with money and style because I know that's what's sensible but you're only young once and I just want to let go. t's more fun that way. I'll be boring when I have a salary and back ache. Till then age age
  • To enjoy Japan to the fullest This year I'll be going to Japan. I want to make the most of this year because by all account if you don't, you'll hate it. I mean this in all aspects so it starts now. I want to devote myself to learning Japanese well because let's face it, I'm spending a lot on my degree.

    All in all I find this day more important because I'm now 20. In Japan your 20th birthday is your most important because it's when you come of age. I will miss being a teenager but I want to be a successful happy adult now. 頑張ります。

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